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Historical Gesture,

or Period Acting Techniques

A Passion

In 2009 I followed a course on Period Acting Techniques with Margit Legler and Reinhold Kubik. It was one of the most important encounters of my education and career as a singer and performer. From that moment on, through the physical understanding and with the tools I was given, I finally felt comfortable and free on stage to express what I had always wanted to.

In teaching, I try to pass on the knowledge passed on to me, which continues to develop through research of historical sources, by sharing and exchanging curiosity and skill within the Dutch Historical Acting Collective, and through my own performance- and teaching experience. 

Period acting techniques and research brought me to perform at historical theatres including Drottningholms Slottsteater and Ulrikdals Slottsteater Confidencen in Stockholm, Helsingør Theatre in Denmark, the theatre of Český Krumlov and the restored baroque theatre in Valtice in the Czech Republic.

Teaching experience:

- Conservatorium van Amsterdam: 2021-present

- Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag 

- Masterclasses in Finland, France, Czech Republic, The Netherlands

- Workshops: The Nederlandse Bachvereniging

Marek Olbrzymek



Historically informed performance​

Singer / Actress / Teacher 

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